Oncology Aesthetics

Oncology Aesthetics is provided at Mindful Skin Spa by a certified Oncology Aesthetician. Sometimes people dealing with cancer, its treatments and side effects, can experience a dramatically altered appearance. Our individualized services provide comfort through touch, massage as indicated, facial/body treatments to combat symptoms such as dryness, redness, and skin irritations. Mindful Skin Spa uses natural, organic, fragrance-free professional products certified by Oncology Aesthetics International.

Mindful Skin Spa offers products for patients going through chemotherapy and radiation to help the skin manage these treatments!  Ask about RadX Cream for side effects of Raditiation treatment -- HyMed cream for ultra dry skin, chemotherapy, radiation, and chronic illness.

Schedule a specially priced Exfolating and Hydrating Facial for any cancer patient ... $25

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